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Rules? They never bothered Luis Suarez!

Well, here at Play StB, unlike Luis, we like to play by the rules. To be honest, we really only have one main rule: You have 60 seconds to place your spots where you think the ball is. If you run out of time, your game will be null and void and won’t count. And you can’t play it again, either. So make sure you get a move on!

And we take a dim view of people who might use bots, or other automated software to try and game our system. To prevent this type of cheating, we will only allow any 'one' registered player to win a MAXIMUM of ONE Daily Prize Play prize (Signed '66 retro football) and ONE major Tournament Prize (Signed Pele/World Cup '66 signed shirt/Signed Messi Boot). Should you be brilliant enough to win more than one Daily Prize Play Prize competition, you will remain on top of the leaderboard but the prize will be given to the next runner-up. See T&Cs for more details.

Oh, and there’s one more thing! If you win one of our signed shirts, the Lionel Messi signed boot or you hit the jackpot by sticking one of your X’s in the centre pixel – you agree to us doing some social media stuff with you. What does this mean? Well, we can get some piccies or a little video shot on a mobile of you with your brill prize. And we might ask you a question or two to stick on our blog or something like that!


Play every day, any time for fun. Sharpen your skills by playing on images from across the decades - and Increase your chances of winning a prize!

Once you've played a few games, you'll be ready to enter the Daily Prize games and play like a pro!


This is where the pros play to win prizes - and even Ronaldo and Messi haven't won this one!

A single game is available every day from 07.30am GMT) and closes at 19.30pm (GMT).

Place your X's against the clock and earn enough points each day to qualify for the big Prize Draws.

See Prizes for more info.

An image is supposed to be here! Sorry, we can't display it right now.

An image is supposed to be here! Sorry, we can't display it right now.