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We’ve all had bad hair days, but for some reason, footballers seem to have more than most! We’ve selected the best of the worst hairdos to ever grace a football field. And have they stood the test of time? Yes, they’re still shit!

Here we go… in no particular order of crappiness…


No wonder he could never save any money from his wages - his bleach bills were horrendous!

As much as we love ‘Psycho’ and we really do, we still had to include him in our list for this blonde, floppy effort. What was he trying to achieve? Well, if he was attempting to look like the member of a crap boy band, then he succeeded! Yes, it looked pretty stupid – but who was going to tell him? That's right - no one who wanted to live!


Not the best look you could go for...

Dear-oh-dear! What was Karel thinking of? He looks like he’s been living rough in Hull for a fortnight – with a hole in his bin-liner where the rain got in.


david moyes
Something serial-killer-ish about this photo...

Yes, the Ex-Everton and current West Ham manager David Moyes was not exactly a fashionista back in the day. To be honest, this is the sort of photo which should only be brought out at Halloween!


No comb would enjoy going through that lot!

This takes us back to the early days of porn, where all the stars looked like this – even some of the women!


John Dempsey
His hair looks like one of those fences at the Grand National after loads of horses have jumped through it!

The ex-Chelsea star John Dempsey really looked the part – as long as the part he was trying to look like was a court jester from 1579!


This haircut is definitely a 'cry for help...'

What’s going on here? This is the sort of hairdo you’d get if you went into your local barbers and called him a wanker! And you’d have to pay twenty quid for the pleasure of being humiliated! It’s 50% Buddhist monk and 50% the work of a trainee.


Ian Britten
We saw something like this exhibited at Crufts earlier this year!

What the? Here’s Chelsea’s Ian Britten with something on ‘is ‘ed! It looks a bit like a dog, squatting on his bonce. Anyway, whatever it is, it looks sh*te!


Alan sunderland
At least they were never short of a mop in the dressing room...

How embarrassing, humiliating and degrading! No one in their right mind would want to wear an Arsenal shirt! And if that wasn’t bad enough, he’s had a hairdo that meant his head never got anywhere near the pillow. Absolute rubbish, that Alan.


It's like the Leeds United defence: 'All over the frikkin place!'

Due to laziness in our research, we don’t know who this professional footballer is – but we do know that he packed-in playing when he got the lead role in the ‘Hammer House of Horror movie: ‘Legend of the Werewolf.’

Do you need to contact a football club to complain about any of the player's hairstyles? Here are the contact details of the major English clubs...

Written by Graham Hey