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Mike McClean has been a presenter on TV for years on The Big Breakfast, The Richard & Judy Show and tons of other stuff. When he’s not travelling the world performing his brilliant comedy mindreading act, you can hear him on TalkSport. We asked him a few questions.

StB: So, the World Cup is here. When you think about it, what memories spring to mind?

MM: I love watching Brazil, but I’ll never forget that 7-1 thrashing by Germany in the semi-final in 2014. Germany were 5-0 up after 29 minutes! Brazil were so bad that even my shock-proof watch was embarrassed!

I love watching the African teams go on strike. They’re like our railway workers coming up to a bank holiday! I really do hope a team like Congo or Cameroon do well this time – I think we’ve all got a soft spot for Cameroon after watching 84 year old Roger Milla play for them. I think he’s still their captain!

Roger Milla
Roger Milla - still playing aged 105!

StB: You’ve been to a few World Cups – what’s it really like?

MM: The atmosphere is always fantastic. And it’s great to be in another country, sampling their culture. South Africa was very special in 2010 because I actually got engaged during the tournament. To celebrate, I took my fiancé to a restaurant and it was all going really well until she found a condom in her soup. And to make matters worse, the waiter was still wearing it!

StB: So what about the chances of England and Wales this time out? Have we actually got a cat-in-hell’s chance of winning the bloody thing?

MM: Well, I expect Wales to be brilliant… whilst singing the national anthem. Those boys can sing! On the pitch I think they’re going to get stuffed more than an olive in Nigella Lawson’s kitchen during Mediterranean week! Watch out for the USA though – I’ve put a couple of quid on them!

As far as England go, they can be more unpredictable than a Jordan Pickford clearance. And that’s not good! This World Cup is quite open really – even Qatar are in with a chance – although it’s going to be difficult for them playing in flip-flops. I hope all the smaller nations do well, that’s what makes the World Cup great. But, you asked me about England… I think we could get to the semi-final without too much trouble. I just hope Gareth warns the players about diving. Aaron Robben – remember him? He spent more time on the deck than Captain Pugwash. And if you don’t know who Captain Pugwash is – GET A LIFE!!

Seriously though, diving – and holding in the penalty area -is what really frustrates me and my mates when we’re watching it in the pub. It’s so f*****g annoying and refs could stamp it out tomorrow. I’m just so glad that we have players such as Stirling and Grealish who NEVER dive!

StB: Who do you think is going to be England’s star player?

MM: I think Phil Foden is going to be really brilliant. He’s played well for England, but I still think he can step up a gear. He’s the guy that can give us an ‘Archie Gemmill’ moment like in 1978 v Holland. The World Cup in Argentina is my favourite ever World Cup – I watched it on TV – but it was incredible. All that ticker-tape… Osvaldo Ardiles, Daniel Passarella, Luque and Kempes. Incredible! And I’m even glad that Argentina won it! BTW, I am on medication.

Written by Graham Hey